Apex Tree is a North Shore owned and operated business that has been actively servicing residential, commercial, and utility customers for over 15 years. Owner/Operator Reg Martin has been a professional arborist for over 20 years, is an ISA Certified Arborist and TRAQ tree risk assessor who holds a certified falling endorsement, as well a BC Hydro Certified Utility Arborist, qualified to work in close proximity to the power lines. As further training, Reg also completed a Master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Management. Through this mix of academic and field-based training, Apex Tree, is eminently qualified to assist its clients in determining the best pathway to their desired result of a safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment around their homes or businesses.

When you choose Apex Tree, you are going to receive a personalized, and differentiated approach to all your tree care needs. All jobs, no matter how large, or small, will have the team’s undivided attention; clients can trust that all crew members on site have been mentored and trained to carry out their tasks in a safe and professional manner.

I hope you will give us the opportunity to display this approach at your job!